supreme whitener

supreme whitener
supreme whitener
Product Description


‘SUPREME WHITENER’ is a specialty product which gives multilevel advantages to improve the paper processing and in finishing.


FORM                         : white crystalline powder.

Active ingredients    : Oxidizing, Filtering Agent, Chlorine, Mineral Agents.


‘SUPREME WHITENER’ is to be applied after actual deinking process and separate bleaching stage. It can be also applied after drying stage and chlorination stage.


·         Strong oxidant agent and deforming agent.

·         Protects from browning and yellowing.

·         Protects from fungal and bacteria structure.

·         Serve as pH buffer, excellent dewatering performance, improves filler & fiber retention with good formation.

·         Increase shining, whiteness, brightness, and glazing effect.

·         High Ink absorbent capacity, control dot size, super resolution, and brilliant color stability.

·         Increase dry strength of paper, high temperature binder, moisture absorbent, and free flow agent to assist powder flow.

·         Increase the shelf life and stability.

·         Reduce the use of hydrogen peroxide thus saving and cost effective product.(reduce to 5% - 15%) depends on segment.

·         It’s safe to use and environmentally safe and remove unsafe residue.


SUPREME WHITENER is preparation of oxidizing, chloridinates, etc. compounds, inhalation of dust or aerosol may induce sensitization and may cause Allergic reactions. It may irritate the skin, eyes and mucous membranes upon prolong contact. Avoid unnecessary contact with SUPREME WHITENERand in case of spillage or contact with eyes, skin rinse the affected area promptly with plenty of water. Use respiratory protection; wash contaminated cloths and spills if any, to be removed by vacuum cleaning or flushing with water. Use all safety measure to avoid any mishap by adopting suitable & systematic handling.

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