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Oil Drilling SOLUTIONS       

What Are Enzymes?

Ø  Enzymes are Proteins

Ø  Enzymes are Biocatalysts

Ø  Manufactured from Plant, Animal and Microbial sources

Ø  Specific in Action (pH / temp / Substrate)

Why Enzymes ?

Ø  Environment-friendly (100% bio-degradable) .Required in significantly less quantity as Compared to conventional.   

Ø  Chemicals, thereby reducing storage and handling costs drastically.

Ø  Safe & Easy to handle and apply in process Rapid acting, leading to reduced process time and improved


Ø  High specificity ensures that enzymes only act on the substrate intended for, leaving other things intact.

Why Advanced Enzymes??

Ø  Vast range of enzymes for variety of Substrates State of art R & D set-up to support customers for application   development.

Ø  Ability to offer customized enzymes as per requirement in any quantity.

Ø  Large capacity to cater to bulk requirements typical in Oil Drilling.

Challenges & Solutions

Challenges :

Ø   Proppant slippage out of fracture due to fluid viscosity.

Ø   Filter cake formation on bore wall & fractures reducing oil productivity of the well.

Ø   Difficulty of solid – liquid separation in drilling fluid during disposal in mud pit / poor settle ability of   

             Solids in mud pit .

Ø  Difficulty to handle bulk volumes of conventional chemicals for viscosity reduction.

Ø  Poor biodegradability of drill mud.

Solution :

·         SEBStar HT Max (for starch based viscofiers / higher temperatures in operation)

·         ViscoSEB HTX / SacchariSEB C6 L (CMC / Xanthan based viscofiers).

·         SacchariSEB ML (Guar gum based viscofiers )

Products we can offer

Product Enzyme Type End application / Substrate:

Ø  SEBStar HT Max / SEBStar HTL

Ø  High Temperature Alpha Amylase

Ø  Starch hydrolysis / viscosity breakdown of starch based viscosfiers

Ø  SEBStar MT Medium Temperature

Ø  Alpha Amylase

Ø  Starch hydrolysis / viscosity breakdown of starch based viscofiers

Ø  SEBAmyl GL Max Glucoamylase Rapid viscosity breakdown in combination with alpha amylase for starch based viscofiers .

Product Enzyme Type End application / Substrate

Ø  ViscoSEB HTX Multienzyme complex Multienzyme complex for a host of polysaccharides including     

Ø  cellulose,hemicellulose,xylanes

Ø  ViscoSEB TBG Betaglucanase Viscosity breakdown for gums with high glucan content

Ø  SacchariSEB C6L Cellulase Viscosity reduction for cellulose based viscofiers – CMC

Ø  SacchariSEB ML Mannanase Viscosity breakdown for  mannan based gums liked guar,xanthan

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