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Our company has flourished by providing the comprehensive range of products which are the best quality suitable to customers need.





Ø  AMMONIUM CHLORIDE                                                                          TECHNICAL – 97%                                   

Ø  AMMONIUM CHLORIDE                                                                          PURE 98%-99 %

Ø  AMMONIUM MOLYBDATE                                                                       TECHNICAL – POWDER                                           

Ø  CALCITE                                                                                                                TECHNICAL – POWDER                           

Ø  CALCIUM CARBONATE PPTD                                                                 TECHNICAL – POWDER                                           

Ø  COBALT SULPHATE ( CO-20% MIN)                                                         PURE                                                                      

Ø  COBALT CHLORIDE – CRYSTAL / POWDER                                            PURE      

Ø  COPPER SULPHATE – POWDER(24% MIN)                                               TECHNICAL                                                             

Ø  COPPER SULPHATE – CRYSTAL(24% MIN)                                              TECHNICAL                                                             

Ø  DI  CALCIUM PHOSPHATE – POWDER                                                    TECHNICAL                                                             

Ø  DEXTROUS – ANHYDROUS                                                                     POWDER                                                 

Ø  DEXTROUS – MONO  HYDRATE                                                              TECHNICAL – POWDER

Ø  ENZYMES – VAIOUS FEED IMPROVER ENZYMES                                     POWDER                                 

Ø  FERROUS SULPHATE – (Fe 18% - 20% )                                                   TECHNICAL – CRYSTAL

Ø  FERROUS SULPHATE (Fe 28%-30%)                                                        TECHNICAL – DRIED POWDER                

Ø  FERROUS SULPHATE (Fe 30%-31%)                                                        PURE – DRIED POWDER                                          

Ø  FUMARIC ACID                                                                                       99% PURE                                                               

Ø  GUAR GUM –FEED GRADE                                                                      TECHNICAL (5500 – 6500  VISCOCITY)      

Ø  LIME STONE POWDER                                                                            TECHNICAL             

Ø  MAGNESIUM OXIDE – 80%                                                                      TECHNICAL – POWDER                                           

Ø  MAGNESIUM SULPHATE                                                                         TECHNICAL– CRYSTAL                                           

Ø  MAGNESIUM SULPHATE                                                                         TECHNICAL –POWDER                            

Ø  MALEIC ACID PURE / MALIC ACID                                                          99% PURE                                                               

Ø  MANGANESE OXIDE / MANGANESE DIOXIDE                                           TECHNICAL – POWDER                                           

Ø  MANGANESE SULPHATE – 31% - 32%                                                      TECHNICAL – POWDER                                           

Ø  POTASSIUM CHLORIDE                                                                          TECHNICAL – GRANULAR                       

Ø  POTASSIUM CHLORIDE                                                                          PURE – GRANULAR                                 

Ø  POTASSIUM CARBONATE                                                                       TECHNICAL – POWDER                                           

Ø  POTASSIUM BI CARBONATE                                                                   TECHNICAL – POWDER                                           

Ø  POTASSIUM IODATE                                                                               I – 56% MIN                                                             

Ø  PHOSPHATE – DI / MONO – AMMONIUM / SODIUM / POTASSIUM             TECHNICAL – POWDER                                           

Ø  POTASSIUM SULPHATE                                                                          TECHNICAL – POWDER

Ø  PEMIXES – FEED MPROVERS                                                                  CRYSALLINE POWDER                                            

Ø  SILICA POWDER PRECIPITED                                                                 TECHNICAL – POWDER                                           

Ø  SILICON DIOXIDE                                                                                   TECHNICAL – POWDER                                           

Ø  STARCH                                                                                                 TECHNICAL – POWDER                                           

Ø  SODIUM BI CARBONATE (TATA)                                                             TECHNICAL – POWDER                                           

Ø  SODIUM BI CARBONATE (TATA)                                                             REFINE POWDER                                    

Ø  SODIUM CHLORIDE( INDUSTRIAL GRADE )                                            CRYSTALLINE POWDER                          

Ø  SODIUM CITRATE – PURE                                                                      CRYSTALLINE GRANULAR                      

Ø  SODIUM MOLYBDATE                                                                             TECHNICAL                                                             

Ø  SODIUM SULPHATE                                                                                TECHNICAL – POWDER                                           

Ø  SODIUM THIO SULPHATE                                                                       TECHNICAL – CRYSTAL

Ø  SODIUM THIO SULPHATE                                                                       TECHNICAL – POWDER

Ø  SODIUM SELENITE ( MINERAL MIXTURE OF SELENITE )                         TECHNICAL – POWDER                                           

Ø  SILVER HYDROGEN PEROXIDE                                                               DISINFECTANT LIQUID            

Ø  WHEAT GLUTEN                                                                                     IMPORTED                                              

Ø  ZINC CARBONATE                                                                                  TECHNICAL                                                             

Ø  ZINC OXIDE                                                                                            TECHNICAL POWDER                                              

Ø  ZINC OXIDE                                                                                            WHITE SEAL                                                            

Ø  ZINC SULPHATE HEPTA HYDRATE ( ZINC 21% )                                      TECHNICAL – GRANULAR

Ø  ZINC SULPHATE HEPTA HYDRATE ( ZINC 22.5% )                                   PURE GRANULAR                                    

Ø  ZINC SULPHATE MONO HYDRATE – Zn 33%                                           TECHNICAL – POWDER

Ø  ZINC SULPHATE MONO HYDRATE – Zn 35%                                           PURE POWDER       



The information of chemical / Industrial grade Product given above is set in good faith and for guidance only. Users should conduct their own tests to determine the stability and suitability before consume and as per Govt / Non Govt. law/rules.no legislative  liability /responsibility what so ever in any nature on our Company’s Part. Not for Fertilizer / Agriculture/ Pesticide use or do not use which is Prohibited By Various Government Department / NGO.

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